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Welcome to CIRINT.NET Communities of Interest (CoI)

We have established these Communities of interest (CoI) with the aim of bringing people together.

In a community you can discuss topics and share information with all sorts of people working within your field of expertise or your interest. In this way we provide CIRINT.NET ‘Members’ (organisations) / ‘Participants’ (Individuals) with a secure location in which to collaborate on current Critical Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) topics.


In principle the discussion is free and will only be moderated in case of improper input. We operate on a basis of trust, because only on the basis of trust can we hope to engender free discussion.


Topics to be discussed could include:

  • Generating relevant understanding of, and diverse insights into, the future of global critical infrastructure resilience challenges;

  • Identifying and exchanging lead practices on methodologies and organisational approaches for improving critical infrastructure resilience arrangements;

  • Facilitating outreach from CIRINT.NET to global governmental and non-governmental expertise from academia, business and NGOs on a wide range of international critical infrastructure resilience issues; and

  • Providing opportunities for professional development on critical infrastructure resilience practice and methodologies.


Any CIRINT.NET ‘Member’ /‘Participant’ can initiate a Community of Interest to enable the exchange of good practice, innovation, expertise and information relative to a specific resilience topic. 

CIRINT.NET is a voluntary association and no enforced commitment or participation is assumed.   As a community concerned with critical infrastructure resilience issues, CIRINT.NET seeks to provide a platform to connect practitioners who shape the future evolution of CIR strategy, policy and delivery.

Access to the communities of Interest is achieved by applying for membership CIRINT.NET. This is achieved by accessing the discussion forum through platform.

Depending on individual access requirements, you can choose between Open and Secure discussion areas.

Open discussion areas of CIRINT.NET will allow access to non sensitive subjects which include:

  • #react (Resilience Education ACTion - for people who are interested in resilience and education to share ideas)

  • #communities (Community Resilience)

  • #General (General information about CIRINT.NET and Slack)

  • #Random (a place for non work-related discussion)

With the Secure discussion areas you can elect to join any of the following CIR subjects relevant to your role, these include:

  • #Energy

  • #Health

  • #Water

  • #Food

  • #Government

  • #Emergency Responders

  • #Transport

  • #Civil Nuclear

  • #Communications

  • #Finance

  • #Space

  • #Chemical

  • #Defence

Closed membership will automatically permit access to all open subjects

Membership of CIRINT.NET is free

If you are a member you can access CIRINT.NET on here

Not a member?  Simply click here

Have any questions? Contact us

Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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