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Kennemerland Safety Region (Veiligheidsregio Kennemerland) is one of the 25 safety regions in the Netherlands. It is situated northwest from Amsterdam, between the city and the North Sea. The region consists of 10 communities with a total population of half a million people and includes Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

We are proud to participate in the CIRINT.NET network and value the possibilities for exchanging knowledge in the broad field of critical infrastructure resilience and in an ever more closely connected world.

Scottish Government takes Critical Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) very seriously and is one of the partners committed to supporting the establishment of CIRINT.NET as living and dynamic network of critical infrastructure stakeholders in Government, industry and responders from across the world, to drive forward collaboration and best practice in the area of CIR.


Scottish Government will also represent the interests of all Scottish members through the Executive Board of CIRINT.NET.

In 2010, Regione Lombardia Government (REGLOM) promoted a Public-Private Collaboration (PPC) with the major Regional Operators of Transport and Energy infrastructures. In 2011 Regione Lombardia Government hosted the 1st International Workshop on Regional Critical Infrastructure Protection Programmes. Since that time, we have grown up by sharing ongoing practices with our international partners. REGLOM actively contributed to the establishment of CIRINT.NET, because we believe the active networking with other Critical Infrastructure stakeholders is a great opportunity to improve the resilience of our region, for the sake of our citizens.


Regione Lombardia Government will also represent the interests of all Italian members throughout the Executive Board of CIRINT.NET

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano was founded in 2003 through a joint effort between the Politecnico di Milano, major city and regional institutions and important corporations to support the university’s research projects and contribute to innovating and developing the economic, productive and administrative environment. Fondazione Politecnico is committed to building a more effective relationship between the university, industry and public administrations.

RGS, is a small consultancy firm with strong and distinctive know-how on Risk Governance and CIP-R issues.

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