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Board Members

James Urquhart

Scottish Government | Resilient Essential Services Team

CIRINT.NET Coordinator

Paolo Trucco

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

CIRINT.NET Vice Coordinator

Leader of the Scottish Government’s collaboration on CIRINT.NET. Experience in major incident planning and response as well as the policy, strategy and guidance on the resilience of Critical Infrastructure and the essential services it provides.

Full Professor of Industrial Risk Management and Director of the PhD Programme in Management Engineering at the School of Management, Politecnico di Milano. His major area of expertise is Operations Risk Management and Resilience of complex socio-technical systems and global supply chains. He is author of more than 220 publications and has international research and advisory experience on CIR.

Robert Gibson

Scottish Government | Resilient Essential Services and Communities Unit

CIRINT.NET Membership Point of Contact

One of the National Points of Contact (NPC) who co-ordinate’s membership of CIRINT.NET, including the issue of website accounts to ‘Members’ (organisations) and ‘Participants’ (individuals). Experience in major incident planning and response as well as the policy, strategy and guidance on the resilience of Critical Infrastructure and the essential services it provides.

Carmela Melzi

Lombardy Region

CIRINT.NET Executive Board

Carmela Melzi has wide experience in planning and land management. Since 2006 is the officer for the implementation of the Regional Programme on Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience (General Directorate Security, Civil Protection and Immigration of Regione Lombardia Government). She also contributed to the development of the Integrated Programme for the Mitigation of Major Regional Risks (PRIM).

Simon Stenneberg

Crisis Management Advisement and Operational Information Management
Kennemerland Safety Region, The Netherlands

CIRINT.NET Community of Interest Coodinator

Simon first started with tasks on emergency planning and operational information management and in the last couple of years on interregional cooperation on CI and terrorist attack response.
For this, Simon initiated an interregional public-private network in the northwest part of Holland and he is a member of a national directive group for continuity of the society which works for a national network of all safety regions, critical infrastructure partners and involved departments.
In case of crisis situations Simon is an operational information manager in the (Regional) Operational Team (silver level).
For Simon networking and distributed decision making is the future of crisis management: to know each other = to recognize each other = to acknowledge each other!

Carmelo Di Mauro

Risk Governance Solutions

CIRINT.NET Community of Interest Coordinator

Carmelo Di Mauro holds almost 20 years of experience in risk analysis and design of emergency management systems. He worked at the Institute of Environmental Sciences (TNO), Energy Research and Process Innovation (The Netherlands) and at the European Commission Joint Research Center (Ispra site, Italy). In relation to the provided support to the development of the European Directive for the Identification and designation of European critical infrastructures (EC Council Directive 114/2008), he received a ‘JRC Excellence Award’ on in the category ‘Support to EU Policy’.

In CIRINT.NET he coordinates the Community of Interest on communication, together with Anne Michiels van Kessenich.

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