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Nature and Purpose of CIRINT.NET

CIRINT.NET has been initiated and guided by cooperating regional and national governments, with participation from a variety of sectors and disciplines. The purpose for its stakeholder organisations and active participants is to:

  • Generate understanding of, and diverse insights into, the future global CIR challenges;

  • Identify and exchange lead practices for improving CIR arrangements;

  • Facilitate outreach via CIRINT.NET to global governmental and non-governmental expertise from academia, business and NGOs on a wide range of international CIR issues;

  • Provide opportunities for professional development, information sharing and collaboration on CIR practice and methodologies.


CIRINT.NET is a voluntary association and no enforced commitment or participation is assumed.  As a community concerned with critical infrastructure resilience issues, CIRINT.NET seeks provide a platform to connect practitioners who shape the future evolution of CIR strategy, policy and delivery.

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