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Welcome note

On behalf of the CIRINT.NET Executive Board, I would like to welcome you to the CIRINT.NET family. Your engagement and involvement in sharing your experience, knowledge and challenges in addressing Critical Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) across Europe and across the World, is vital to the success of CIRINT.NET.

Our aim in establishing the network is to provide a foundation on which collaboration can be built - indeed, we hope that the CIRINT.NET website will provide a foundation for participation, engagement and learning. We will be reaching out to all of our partners who have been engaged with us since the 1st International Workshop on CIR in Milan 2011 through to our most recent 6th International CIR Conference in Bilbao, Spain, in order to build the data base of Participants (Individuals) and Members (Organisations). Our hope is that you will sign up as a Participant and that your organisation will sign up as a Member of CIRINT.NET - you will find additional information on registration in the CIRINT.NET Term of Reference and Registration Forms (Boris - suggest adding link in here to allow easy access to the documents).

These are early days for the network and as with everything new, it will require effort, commitment and engagement to succeed. I invite you to join us on this exciting 'resilience journey.' Together, we can build a dynamic and effective collaborative network, which will assist each of us to enhance security and resilience across our respective regions in Europe and beyond.

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